LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- An Arkansas family is counting their lucky stars after one member survived a horrible car crash with just a few injuries.

Homer Mason was driving to work in Little Rock when he rear-ended a semi-truck.

Homer is not ready to talk about the crash just yet, so his sister sat down to recap what happened.

“I look at my brother and I’m like, do you realize, do you realize what you just lived through? ” said Melody Mason, Older sister.

Looking at pictures of the crushed van has the whole family asking, “How is Homer still alive?”
“It should have been so much worse,” said Mason.

Mason is Homers older sister. She said Homer rear-ended and 18-wheeler on April 2nd.

“He was pinned in, his hand of course was trapped behind the steering wheel and he was conscious and awake and alert and talking to people as they were trying to get him out,” said Mason.

Mason said it took more than an hour to get him out of the car.

However, the family is shocked he survived at all without airbags.

“He had hit a deer previously which had used up the airbags and had not reinstalled those so there was no cushion, no airbags between him and any of that,” said Mason.

With no airbags to cushion the impact and plenty of items in the backseat to cause harm, Mason said it’s just a miracle.

“He had multiple tools in the back of his van because he is a carpenter, and he was on his way to a job in little rock. Those tools should have come forward and killed him, but they didn’t. They were bent and mangled,” said Mason.

Homer survived the crash with a fractured femur, a broken left hand and a broken bone in his right arm.

“We are praising the lord for his life, it just does not make sense,” said Mason.

This family is thankful for all the things that went right in a situation that could have easily gone wrong.

Homer is currently going to physical therapy to get back on track and he is expected to make a full recovery.