Man who goes viral for donation, isn’t done yet with holiday giveaways

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CONWAY, Ark. — When a Belk employee gave move to a teacher who was out shopping to help a family, he gave his own money to help the family too. The act of kindness was shared on Facebook and has since gone viral.  

Despite it being a week ago his act is still gone unnoticed. People continue to recognized him, send friend request and thank him for what he’s done.  

JiQuintas Brown only had $61 to his name but decided to give it all away but he’s not stopping there.  

“I just knew I had to do it, because god put it in my heart to do it,” Brown said.   

 This all started with part-time employee Brown was at work helping Jane Balgavy and heard about her shopping to help a family. Brown gave Balgavy an extra gift she didn’t see coming.  

“This guy is so special,” Balgavy said.  

 After meeting, the two quickly became close friends. Brown invited Balgavy to go to church with him Sunday, but she couldn’t make it last minute.  

“I feel like I have a life-long friendship now,” Brown said. “I was sad when she told me she couldn’t make it today but there’s always future opportunities.” 

The giving will continue, Brown said the company will give him gift cards to hand out to others in need.   

“He’s a very kindhearted young person, and you know here at True Holiness we always talk about doing something for your fellow man,” True Holiness Saints Center Founder and Senior Pastor, E.C. Maltbia said.  

 Many people who know Brown said they aren’t surprised by his actions.  

“To me it was just him, being him but I was really, really proud of moved. I was like aw, baby that’s so sweet of you,” Brown’s mother Shannon Rogers said.   

In the meantime the message of giving, still lingers around this part of Conway and the community hopes this inspires others.  

 “We have been talking about sharing gifts with others,” Maltbia said. “Do something for somebody less fortunate, do something for someone who can’t pay you back, you know that’s the real meaning of Christmas.”  

Brown was also recognized by the management at the store, he said he’s shock at how many people have seen this story, but he hopes this shows people when you do good things, you reap good things.  

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