PINE BLUFF, Ark. – A body dumped in Pine Bluff over a month ago has been ruled a murder, putting Jefferson County investigators into gear.

The Jefferson County Sheriff said it is a case that – despite working on for weeks – has no leads.

They have identified the victim as 31-year-old Jesse Burk.

Those who knew him described him simply as a good person.

The story began November 1 when a body was discovered off Old Warren Road and Gibbins Road.

Sheriff Lafayette Woods the body had to be DNA tested to determine an identity, which later identified the victim as 31-year-old Jesse Burk.

Woods said Burk had been missing for a few weeks prior to the discovery of his body.

A family member who was not able to go on camera provided photos and memories of Burk, describing him as sweet, funny and a light.

Travis Whithead lived next door to Burk at the time he died. He said as a result, they had become friends over the last year or two.

When I had a problem, he was always one of the people I could go to,” Burk said. “These shoes I have on right now, he took me to go buy.”

Woods said the case has little information despite being a few weeks into the investigation.

“Right now, the case is stalled,” he said.

He said as less call and information have come in, it might seem discouraging, but they know they will find the killer.

“Our work doesn’t stop because the phone calls have stopped,” he said.

Woods said despite having no leads, evidence leads them to believe the killer is likely a male, though nothing is off the table.

If you know anything, you are urged to call Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office or Pine Bluff Police.