Man’s car shot up in traffic along west Little Rock road

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Three bullet holes remain on the driver’s side of one man’s car after he says someone opened fire while passing him on a west Little Rock road.

The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, says it all happened on Sunday afternoon near Shackleford and Mara Lynn, just west of Interstate 430.

The drama began as the victim says he was stopped at the intersection of Markham and Shackleford. While stopped, he says someone in the car behind him got out and approached his car, knocking on a passenger-side window.

“Well, I just ignore him, the light turns green and I just keep going,” the victim says.

Moments later, that same suspicious car re-appeared. It sped up and crossed into oncoming traffic to pass the victim on the left, which is when the victim says he heard those unmistakable sounds.

“Just a few gunshots. That’s all I heard,” the victim says.

“And then, I realized that it was my car he was shooting at.”

Photos of the victim’s car reveal three bullet holes on the driver’s side; two of them narrowly missed him.

“It happened, and then it was over then I was just thinking ‘Oh my god, I was just shot at,'” he says.

He called 911, filed a report and eventually made it home safe, but after the whole ordeal, he isn’t sure how much longer the city of Little Rock will continue to be his home.

“Like we’ve been looking at buying a house,” he says.

“I think we’re probably going to move out of Little Rock now.”

According to a police report, the victim described the shooter’s car as a small, white SUV. The man who approached him at the intersection is described as a black male.

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