Jon Vannatta

MAUMELLE, Ark. — Jon Vannatta was a volunteer firefighter with the Maumelle Fire Department from 2006-2014 and currently still resided in Maumelle.

He was also a paramedic with MEMS while he was a volunteer firefighter and currently worked for the DEA, according to officials with the Maumelle Fire Department. He was 48.


OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – A man from Maumelle died in a plane crash in Kansas.

The crash was reported Tuesday afternoon in a field near the Johnson County Executive Airport.

A crash report shows 48-year-old Jonathan Vannatta was flying a single engine plane. It took off from the airport, then began to fall straight down.

According to WDAF, firefighters used chemicals to put out the fire about 20 minutes later. Vanatta and a passenger, 43-year-old Darcy Matthews, did not survive.

At this time, authorities do not know what caused the crash.