MAUMELLE, Ark.- Offical New South Boulevard restaurant in Maumelle announced on it’s Facebook page Thursday that it will be on Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back on Fox!

The South Boulevard restaurant in Maumelle restaurant has only been open for about 9 months.

The food joint was contacted last year about making improvements to its location on Maumelle Boulevard.

A few phone calls and interviews later Chef Gordon Ramsay helped them transform the place.

The owner and workers described the experience as life-changing and something they will never forget!

From the layout to decorations and menu everything in the restaurant was revamped.

Customers say the food, sushi, and atmosphere is amazing.

Jermaine Burton is the owner. He says he’s always been inspired to be different and Chef Gordon Ramsay helped him achieve the goal.

“My parents also taught me to not be afraid of being different and that’s exactly what I’m trying to accomplish here,” Burton said.

“Believe it or not I auditioned for it. It was just a random phone call here and to be honest I thought I was being set up for a scam,” Burton said.

It was all legit and Burton says it all paid off.

The restaurant got a complete 360 transformation.

“Gordon definitely took my idea and ran with it and kind of put it in the direction I envisioned for I just didn’t know how to get there,” Burton said.

Jermaine says the experience was challenging, but he learned a lot.

“Everything you see on tv is actually how he is. With him he has an on and off switch there’s no let me ease into it,” Jermaine said.

Frankie Jackson works at SoBo and says the training with Chef Ramsay was intense and incredible.

“And watching all of it go down the crew that they brought it to make this transformation happen was absolutely crazy. It’s an experience that you will only get to do once in a lifetime,” Jackson said.

The menu is full of delicious Fusion flavor and takes your taste buds on a new journey.

They serve everything from sushi, to pears salad and unique chicken dishes.

“I want to present something that’s authentic to people and something that will be really rememberable,” Burton said.

With the new year, things are just now heating up for SoBo in Maumelle.

“It’s exciting because how many people can say that they were on a national tv show,” Burton said.

Burton says they’re still adjusting to new hours and will continue to add new items to the menu.

The segment will air on Fox 16 in February.

The Facebook post says:

Our episode will be toward the middle of the season, so early to mid February! Keep your eyes peeled for the episode to see one the restaurants in your community make some BIG changes! Come in and try out our new menu as well! We are adding new items daily to the menu that Gordon Ramsay prepared for us, so stay tuned for updates and menu expansions, or you could always come in and try us out for yourself!
We are also in the process of putting together a watch party, so keep checking back to our page for announcements on that as well!
For the entire month of January we will be doing one free appetizer of your choice with the purchase of an entree.

South Boulevard Facebook post

Our Re’Chelle Turner will speak to workers and management about the experience! Be sure to tune in to Fox 16 News at 9 for the full story.