MAUMELLE, Ark.- Not all heroes wear capes, some wear waders and carry a crowbar.

This is true for one Maumelle woman who used her lunch break to rescue an animal frozen in a pond.

Kenley Money lives a mile from the pond and when she heard the news about Romeo, the Mute Swan had been frozen in the lake she grabbed her gear and took a lunch break.

A call for help was sent out over social app, Nextdoor.

“The notification went out and said, ‘oh no, Romeo is frozen in the lake,'” said Money. “I got on my lined pants and jacket and muck boots, a pickaxe and my crowbar.”

When Money arrived, she saw Romeo about 20 feet from the shore, his feet were free under the ice, but his chest feathers were frozen solid. “I knew he could be rescued once I saw him. Whether I could do it with my muck boots and my crowbar, I didn’t know,” said Money.

Money spent her entire lunch break swinging the crowbar, breaking the ice trying to free Romeo.

“I used the crowbar and I broke a 10 to 15 square foot piece out of the ice,” said Money.

Luckily, Money said a man in waders showed up and was able to get chest-deep in the water to free the swan.

In the past, Romeo has been tangled up in fishing line, had a hook in his beak and a hook in his neck.

Each time he was saved by someone in Maumelle.

Money said people are determined to keep him around.

“You just have to do right by the animals that live in your area,” said Money.