Mayflower couple uses quarantine to help foster animals

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MAYFLOWER, Ark.- A Faulkner County couple’s heart for animals has now turned into a full-time quarantine activity.

Brian and Cindy Williams keep the animals coming in while getting them out to permanent homes.

“With this dog, she walked in the room and started smiling at me, and I knew that we were bringing home another dog,” Brian Williams says.

You could say Brian and Cindy Williams have a heart for animals.

“My job they told us, you know, to work from home and so first thing I thought was ‘I have a little bit of time during the day, so let’s get a dog,” said Cindy.

Because of COVID-19, the Mayflower couple found themselves with extra time on their hands, so they decided to use quarantine as an opportunity to foster.

They forgot to mention the two litters of kittens as well.

The couple has fostered 15 animals in about two months.

“I mean, why not,” says Cindy. “I mean, we love to help them and we love to see them, you know, go to a home and get adopted and have a family.”

For the Williams, it’s not just about getting the dogs inside their door, it’s also about getting them into a permanent home. They say they use a lot of social media to make sure that happens.

“A lot of social media adoptions are happening,” says Brian Williams. “People are posting videos and pictures of the dogs.”

Brian Williams says his post have been a hit and resulted in multiple adoptions.

The couple hopes the next one is a three-legged cutie named Honey.  

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