Mayflower cracks down on drivers passing buses

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MAYFLOWER, Ark. — Law enforcement and school leaders in one Arkansas town are saying enough is enough when it comes to drivers ignoring school buses.

Mayflower Police tells us they have made one arrest and written multiple tickets for people ignoring the stop signs on school buses. Both the district and police say enough is enough.

“It just needs to stop,” said John Gray the Superintendent of the Mayflower School District.

The blue lights have been in overdrive since buses hit the streets of Mayflower for the new school year.

“It’s truly obvious the stop signs go out and we’ve got the flashing red lights,” said Gray.

Not obvious enough, which is why the district, as well as the city and county law enforcement, are coming together to give drivers a wake up call.

“It’s a very stiff fine depending on what the judge decides to impose but the main thing is it is a child’s life that we are talking about. I don’t want to go to anyone’s home and tell them that their child has been killed,” said Cheif Robert Alcon.

Chief Alcon with the Mayflower Police Department and his team isn’t alone in this.

“Every agency needs help, so we are willing to help where we can, we are offering to follow school buses to help out Mayflower and ride school buses to make sure everyone is staying safe, especially the kids,” said Sgt. Erinn Stone from the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office.

According to Chief Alcon, multiple cars have driven around the buses and the district’s superintendent John Gray says reproductions are now a must.

“It’s a continual problem for us and we do now report the licenses plates to police,” said Gray.

So far resulting in multiple tickets and even one arrest. Now Gray says they won’t stop until drivers get the message.

“We are watching,” said Gray.

Chief Alcon said they are continuing to monitor bus routes and may have FSCO deputies begin to ride the buses to catch violators.

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