Mayor Frank Scott Jr., LRPD Chief Keith Humphrey addressing protest in Little Rock

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Mayor Frank Scott Jr. said that he stands in solidarity with peaceful protesters but he has no tolerance for vandalism, that’s why he called a special board meeting to talk about public safety.

Wednesday’s protests continue outside of the state Capitol.

Tuesday after things turned from peaceful to several agencies arresting 79 people Tuesday. Mayor Scott Jr. has a message for folks during Wednesday’s protest.

“Those who commit vandalism and property damage will be addressed,” Scott Jr. said.

Scott Jr. said it’s his job to protect the city and that’s what he’s going to do.

Once people started to vandalize things, for example, the McDonald’s on Broadway Street windows were broken. Little Rock Police Chief Keith Humphrey said that’s when arrested started Tuesday night.

“They started splintering into smaller groups,” Humphrey said. “They went through certain areas braking windows and other forms of vandalism. Think we arrested a total of 79 people.”

Humphrey and Scott Jr. said they want to prevent anything like Tuesday’s night’s events from happening.

“There are people coming from outside, we also believe people may be coming from other states, participating in these events,” Humphrey said.

Humphrey said people from outside of Little Rock, and from places like Searcy, Conway, and Bryant were arrested.

Wednesday Humphrey filled board members in on everything that’s been happening over the last few days. Later he answered questions about specifics.

“There were some items left around the capitol, that we believe were placed there, that possibly could’ve been explosives, there were also in some of the buildings cocktail type devices that we’re thankful did not ignite,” Humphrey said.

Chief Humphrey said just because the majority of the arrests were Arkansans doesn’t mean people from out of state weren’t involved.

Humphrey said 2 handguns were taken from folks who were arrested. Humphrey said it could’ve been worse and there probably more weapons out there.

Meanwhile the mayor said he wants to have more briefings like this as protests continue.

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