LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Emergency services are settling in for a cold Christmas weekend with extra ambulances on hand for the winter freeze.

Chris Marshall, Operations Director at the Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services (MEMS), explains as temperatures go down, the frequency of some emergencies goes up.

“In weather like this, you’ll see an uptick in car wrecks, if it ices over obviously slips and falls. Also, for the people who may be exposed for a long period of times to the weather, some hypothermia. and even in some cases, we’ve seen some carbon monoxide issues,” Marshall stated.

Frozen weather can cause MEMS to bring all hands on deck, such as in the snowstorm in February of 2021. Marshall does not anticipate weather that bad, so his team has yet to unwrap every tool available.

“We have studded tires that we can put on for ice,” Marshall explained. “Our planning goes in days before when we first start seeing the forecast.”

 One thing MEMS is asking for more of is patience. Icy roads slow their travel time just as it does anyone else.

“They are still coming, but it takes a bit longer to get there,” Marshall expressed.

With all the risks around your home and car, paramedics’ biggest piece of advice is to avoid them in the first place.

“We are on a heightened alert knowing what the temperatures are going to be,” Marshalled said. “If you don’t have to get out in this, I would stay inside and stay warm.”