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SHANNON HILLS, Ark. – Police in Saline County have been searching for a 12-year-old boy since Wednesday night.

According to Shannon Hills police, Jaden Foster was last seen around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday at the peak of flooding in the area.

“That is one of our biggest concerns,” said Chief Allen Spears. “A lot of areas around town are flooded.”

Chief Spears does not believe Foster is in immediate danger, but with him being only 12 years old, he is still very concerned. 

That’s why officers have been actively searching Shannon Hills since Wednesday, following up on leads in flooded and wooded areas and interviewing Foster’s parents, classmates and teachers.

Chief Spears believes Foster ran away. He said the young teenager has done it three times before, once for more than 36 hours. 

Chief Spears said he has a pretty good idea of where Foster could be. 

“I have reason to believe that he is in a residence somewhere with a friend,” he said.

Chief Spears hopes those parents will come forward. It is a widely known fact that Foster is missing.

If Foster is not at the friend’s house, Chief Spears believes that friend knows where he is. Officers are trying to track down a name and address. 

Police are also monitoring Foster’s Facebook. He left his cell phone at home.

If you have any information on Foster’s whereabouts, contact police at 501-303-5648.

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