CONWAY, Ark. – Two parents advocate for change by brainstorming ways they can help curb violence after both of their sons were shot and killed the same night in Conway.

“It’s just senseless…its senseless,” mom of Raekwon Hull, Chana Rosbia stated.

The lives of Raekwon Hull and Derek Palmer, taken in the blink of an eye, after being shot and Lucille Street in Conway, Jan 21.

“I’m angry but I have to be strong,” sister of Derek Palmer, Demetria Jackson Thompson said.

“I never in a million years would’ve ever thought that I would never see my son again,” Rosbia said.  

Both Demetria Jackson Thompson and Chana Rosbia did not know each other before tragically losing their sons the same night, but they said they knew they had to be a voice for their sons.

They decided to come together to advocate against gun violence.

“We are going to do something about this, we are going to get together and we are going to make a difference in Conway, in Little Rock, in Arkansas, we just want to make awareness,” Thompson said.

“We have got to come together as a community, I will be a voice for my son, I will be a voice for DP, Derek Palmer, and Raekwon Hull, I will be that voice, because never in a million years did I ever think I would never see my son again,” and “let’s bring this awareness out and let people know that this is not what we are fixing to have,” Rosbia said.

By partnering with a program called, Help The Way, to come up with solutions on how to curb violence in the city of Conway.

They even brought up creating committees consisting of pastors and people in the community to create programs for youth, and going out and talking to those in the community.

“If we come together, and if we reach out, if we just hit the streets and get in front of these people, we can’t just sit back and continue to talk about how bad they are, if we are not willing to get out there and try to stop it,” Executive Director of Help The Way, Michael Cooper said.

Conway Police Department said they have arrested 19-year-old Dashaun Jones and 18-year-old Kaylon Ravine, and they both face 2 counts of capital murder.

They are still looking for Tracy Patton Jr. who is also wanted in connection to the shooting.

If you have any information about his whereabouts, call Conway Police.