LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — On Wednesday, in his monthly public safety news conference, Mayor Frank Scott Junior announced that Little Rock’s overall violent crime is down by -1% compared to 2021.

Although this is a positive, it isn’t enough for some organizations. The ‘Moms Demand Action’ organization is aims at ending gun violence.

‘Moms Demand Action’ was started in 2012 following the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School where 26 people were shot and killed.

37 homicides were reported at the Mayors press conference today with a great number of them because of guns.

Eve Jorgenson, a volunteer with ‘Moms Demand Action’ says the group isn’t anti-guns, they’re anti-gun violence. They hope to get guns out the hands of those they don’t belong in.

As of June of 2022,  Little Rock has seen 37 homicides, compared to 27 this time last year. 

LRPD reporting that out of the 37 homicides this year, 25 of them have been solved, a 67.57% clearance rate. 

Little Rock Police Department Assistant Chief, Wayne Bewley says the shootings involve people that knew one another. 

Bewley says those involved in the homicides “do not have any value of human life among each other, nor any potential bystander in the area.”


Jorgenson says, with the amount of killing going on in our state and nation, it is beyond past time for lawmakers to implement lifesaving gun legislation.

A solution she has is passing a red flag law to keep guns out the hands of people with dangerous histories. 

“Preventing people with history of domestic violence from having guns.” “Preventing people who have signs or extreme risk.” 

Jorgensen says along with gun legislation, people need to support the programs already in place to help reduce gun violence.

Mayor Frank Scott Junior says the city has “funded close to 3 million dollars in community violence reduction programs to address both our youth and young adults.”

The programs consist of the Summer Youth Employment Opportunities Program and Summer Playground Series to help with keeping the youth occupied. 

Also, to help reduce the violence, the 1.5-million-dollar crime center will be finished withing the next 30-45 days.

LRPD is asking for information regarding to the following 2022 homicides. 

June 5th – 15th & Hanger Street (32yo victim)

June 4th – 5223 South University (47yo victim)

January 28th -University & I-630 (21yo victim)

February 4th – 2223 South Harrison Street (51yo victim)

April 23rd – 44th & Walker Street (33yo victim)

April 29th – 1400 East 28th Street (39yo victim)

May 2nd -2015 Monroe Street (37yo victim)

May 3rd – 45 Greenway Dr. (23yo victim)

If you have any information, please call 501-404-3000 or 501-371-4626