LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – It’s been six years since Pulaski County firefighter Jason Adams was killed in the line of duty, shot while responding to a medical call.

Now, his mother is continuing her fight for justice and hoping to make sure the man who shot him stays behind bars.

Phylis Stroud visits the Arkansas Fallen Firefighter’s Memorial often, looking at the name of her son etched on the stone.

Lt. Jason Adams worked for two different fire departments, the Sherwood Fire Department and East Pulaski Volunteer, dedicating his life to helping others.

Stroud has countless stories of his bravery and kindness, including the moment he answered a wreck call to find a man in his final moments.

“Jason stripped down to his t-shirt and underwear,” she remembered, wiping away tears. “And crawled in the car with the gentleman so he didn’t have to pass away alone.”

But in January of 2016, Jason’s heroic story was cut short. While answering a medical call at the residence of Mark Pruitt, his patient shot Adams, killing him.

Pruitt pled guilty to manslaughter and received 8 years in jail. Now, six years later, he’s up for parole.

Pruitt was first up for parole in 2018 but has so far yet to be granted it. Stroud has been to hearing after hearing every year asking that Pruitt serve his full sentence.

“There really has been no closure. No moving on,” Stroud explained. “He just hasn’t bettered himself in any way.”

Wednesday morning, Stroud pled her case once more, asking a parole board to keep Pruitt in jail for the duration of his sentence. She said after years of saying the same thing, she ran out of words but used the comments and wishes of others across the globe to illustrate Jason’s impact.

“May your name always be etched in the memory of communities you served. Such a young boy.,” she read from a comment someone sent in soon after Jason’s death. She added, “To this day, we can walk through Walmart and people will stop and tell me what a hero he was.”

A decision should come on Pruitt’s parole request May 2, the day after Stroud’s birthday.

If parole is deferred, Stroud says she’ll come back next year and every year to come until his eventual release date.