Mother says cockroaches are invading her apartment in Conway

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CONWAY, Ark.-“They’re all on the floor on the curtains, bathroom in the cracks of the washing machine all over there they’re everywhere,” Madyiah Booth said.

Just saying the word makes some people cringe, cockroaches.

Now, imagine them running around your home and crawling on everything.

A mother at one Conway apartment complex says that’s exactly what’s happening in her home.

She said she’s not the only one.

People at the Salem Park Apartments on Dave Ward Dive say they’re fed up with roaches.

Our cameras were rolling when roaches crawled out of the cracks of the walls and all over the floor.

Madyiah Booth moved in five months ago and said they’re everywhere.

She says the front office ignored the problem until she called Fox 16 News.

She just had a baby and fears the worst.

“It’s bad like it’s an infestation,” Booth said.

Madiyah Booth says roaches are invading her home.

“When we first moved in they were everywhere we brought a whole bunch of stuff they kind of got a little better but it started right back up,”

The new mother moved into the Salem Park Apartments in Conway on March 1.

“I asked them if they could get this under control before I have my child. They told me they would, nothing has changed,” Booth said.

She took action on her own.

“I stayed in a hotel a couple of days after I had here because I didn’t want her around this,” Booth said.

Our camera spotted roaches on the wall inside the bathroom, kitchen and even her daughter’s bedroom.

“There are roaches all in her stuff. I don’t see them until she has them on sometimes and I’m really terrified a roach could crawl in her ear,” Booth said.

Booth said the front office placed her on a ‘Rid-A-Pest List’ when she moved in and says they’ve only sprayed one time.

She showed us emails where she submitted multiple maintenance requests between March and July.

“It’s on my credit and everything so I can’t just drop everything and leave,” Booth said.

Another tenant also sent us a video of the critters all over their home.

“They need to know that this is not right nobody should have to live like this,” Booth said.

During our interview, the front office called Booth.

“It is the residents’ responsibility to keep the apartment free of pest,” the front office said on the phone.

“I can’t keep it free of pest if I moved in and they were here,” Booth said.

She says she can’t take living at the complex any longer.

“I’m done I have no patience at all with them,” Booth said.

Booth said she plans to take legal action because it’s going to cost her lots of money to break her lease.

Corporate sent us a statement :

I spoke with the management of Salem Park Apartments today, and wanted to correct something I told you.  Salem Park Apartments provides quarterly pest control, not monthly.  This allows for staggered treatment of its buildings.
I understand that Madyaih Booth contacted Salem Park’s office on Saturday, July 13, 2019, and reported a pest issue.  Salem Park immediately scheduled an extra pest control for Ms. Booth with its outside contractor pest control provider.   Ms. Booth had not complained of a pest issue since March 20, 2019.  At that time, the pest control provider again treated her apartment.  Ms. Booth had reported nothing since March 20 until her call on Saturday, July 13.
As you may know, a landlord has limited access to a tenant’s apartment, and must have a request and/or the permission of the tenant to enter.  Salem Park could not respond to an issue to which it wasn’t informed.  Once it was informed, it immediately scheduled the extra pest treatment with its outside contractor pest control provider.
Please direct Ms. Booth to Salem Park’s management if she has questions, but she has previously been notified of the day for the scheduled extra treatment.

Anne Mourney, VP/General Counsel
Lindsey Management Co., Inc.
1200 East Joyce Blvd., 6th Floor
P.O. Box 13000
Fayetteville, AR 72703

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