Mountain Home woman finds missing class ring 15 years later

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MOUNTAIN HOME, Ark.- One Arkansas woman spent more than a decade searching for her missing class ring. 

“Your senior ring is a priceless token that you grow a nostalgic attachment to,” said Valerie Laney-Rowe, Lost high School ring.

Valerie Laney- Rowe said she spent 15 years searching everywhere for her 2003 high school class ring from Mountain Home High School. 

“It really bothered me that I couldn’t find it, there were times that I would look for it all night long,” said Laney-Rowe.

It turns outs an old friend found the ring in a movie theater

“I remember when she found the ring,” said Linda King.

Linda Kings younger sister, Gloria, found the ring and they tried to find the owner way back when. 

“Tried everything we could back then and I don’t even think they had Myspace back then,” said King.

King found the ring while going through her sister’s belongings. She then used the school’s website to track down Laney-Rowe.

“I looked at 2003 and she was the only Valerie so I said she’s go to be it,” said King.

Kings sister, Gloria, passed away six years ago.

Laney-Rowe’s dad also passed away, just ten days before Gloria. 

“This whole story playing out the way that it did, that was Gloria’s way and my dad’s way of telling me that heaven is real and it’s just wonderful,” said Laney-Rowe.

Now Laney-Rowe is proudly wearing the ring, making up for lost time. 

“I don’t ever want to forget what my dad and Gloria were trying to tell me,” said Laney-Rowe.

Laney-Rowe said she worked with Gloria years before the ring was lost. She understands Gloria didn’t realize it was hers.

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