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Murder in Maumelle; First since 2015

MAUMELLE, Ark.-- Maumelle police investigate a Friday morning murder. It's the first murder in the city in more than 3 years. 

Police said a 60-year old was found murdered in his drive way.

According to the initial police report,  the victim is identified as Jerry Stuart.

We learned from the report officers found him dead in his driveway around 5 a.m. Monday.

We talked with a neighbor on Friday. 

Shelby Vice said, "We've never felt anything but safe. We've always liked Maumelle. We like the neighborhood. We walk around and everything. It was very surprising."

A group of people grieved outside a Kingspark Drive home Friday afternoon. 

Vice said, "My husband (and I) we like heard two 's-h-o-t-s' and then three more."

She spelled out the words.

"My husband was like those were 'g-u-n-s-h-o-t-s." I'm like 'Ok. That's weird.'"

They live a few doors down from where her neighbor was found dead.

It's Maumelle's first murder since 2015. 

Crime scene truck is leaving the scene in Maumelle. MPD told me last homicide in the city was in 2015- it was a murder/ suicide. This homicide is under investigation. Police say no suspect in custody #ARNews pic.twitter.com/I0X7epulVL

— Price McKeon (@PriceMcKeon) October 12, 2018

Vice explained why she spelled out some words, "I have children, small children and I don't want to make him scared. I don't want to make him nervous."

We talked with Maumelle PD Captain Jim Hansard Friday. 

He said, "4:49 this morning Maumelle police responded to a call of multiple shots in the area of Kingspark."

Hansard said people directed officers to the home in a cul-de-sac where they found the victim. 

"He's 60-years-old and that was his residence," Hansard said. 

Vice told us she just recently moved into the neighborhood. She never met her neighbor but she told us she had heard about him and his wife. 

"And our neighbors are like they're the sweetest people. They've been like 30 years they've been in this neighborhood. We knew that much about them," Vice told us.

Little Rock Police crime scene investigators helped Maumelle detectives process evidence

Vice helped her kids process what they saw, "Something sad happened and the police officers are here to protect us."

No suspect is in custody. 

We learned from police the FBI offered to help the department investigate. 

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