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Neighbors fed up with NLR elementary school pick-up problems

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Neighbors near Amboy Elementary are fed up, saying parents rushing to get their kids to and from school are making their street dangerous. 

The grass isn't greener outside Lisa Helm's North Little Rock Home. Her front yard is covered in mud, with tire tracks a sign of drivers Helm says are taking shortcuts down Auburn Street. 

"I've never seen anything like this. I didn't sign up for this," Helm said, while trying to fix the ruts in her yard. "They're driving on people's property."

The one-way, one-lane road is typically quiet, but transforms into a parking lot during the school weeks. Parents line up bumper to bumper during drop-off and pick-up.

"I've learned to not go anywhere, or ask somebody to back up because they're blocking my driveway," Helm added. 

Tire tracks show where some drivers are cutting through yards and a grassy shoulder. Neighbors like Helm are putting out roadblocks like rocks, to try to keep drivers on the street. 

Recently there was a crash, with another neighbor saying it was caused by a parent trying to cut around the line. 

"It was a hit and run," Emily Spurrier explained. "She had hit another woman trying to get out of line to get to the school."

Spurrier and her family lived on the block, before the elementary school was built a few years ago. She's calling on the city to find a solution. 

"There's kids that walk down this street," Spurrier said. "Maybe more of a police presence to crackdown"

The city did put up several "one-way" signs after receiving complaints were going the wrong way. 

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