LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Some people in a Little Rock neighborhood are furious after seeing a Facebook post of a neighbor’s home that shows a mannequin hanging from a tree next to a Confederate Flag.

“This day of time, there’s no place for it,” says Ricky Allen. “I saw a video of a noose, of a person of color, hanging from it. It’s kind of disturbing.”

The home, which several people have driven by Wednesday after seeing a viral Facebook post, is near Greenwood Acres subdivision, off Colonel Glenn Road in Little Rock.

“It’s heartbreaking to know neighbors in the neighborhood is like that,” says Allen.

Tracy Sims lives a few blocks away from the home. She calls it disheartening.

“I saw that Rebel Flag and I found out it [was] someone near my home — it’s very disturbing,” says Sims. “It is a free country but it’s very offensive. “

The woman in the home says it doesn’t have anything to do with race.

“Well, hell, I’ll take it down. This is a Halloween decoration – a Creeper. You know the movie Jeepers Creepers,” says the woman.

The woman claims no one has stopped by her house to tell her the mannequin is offensive.

“They could have knocked on the door and asked instead of calling the news out,” says the woman.

She says she would remove it but wouldn’t do it in front of our camera.

We left but returned 20 or so minutes later and the mannequin had been taken down.

“She knows what it means and so does everyone else around here and everyone else too,” says Sims.

While it may be out of sight, Allen says the damage is done, but he thinks there’s only one reason why it’s actually been removed.

“Cause you guys are out here. Somebody called and told you all about it, I think that’s why they took it down,” says Allen.