LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A plane crash in Little Rock Wednesday left five people on board dead, and neighbors in a full panic.

The FAA reported five people were on the plane, and the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office confirmed everyone on the plane was dead.

Little Rock-based CTEH, a science consulting firm, confirmed that the people on board the plane, including the pilot, were all employees of the company.

Several neighbors witnessed the aftermath of the crash and said they knew it was bad right away.

“I hear a boom, then big red flame came up in one section, then black smoke,” Dennis Gordon, who lives nearby, said. “I knew it was bad.”

Gordon heard the crash and then saw the smoke afterward, like a few other neighbors.

Diane Phillips and Bridgette Comic saw on FOX 16 News that there had been a plane crash and feared for their families who lived nearby.

“It was bad…it was bad,” Phillips said.

“We feel sympathy for the families and everything because that’s just horrible,” Comic said.

The cause of the plane crash is still not yet known and is currently being investigated.