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Neighbors Try to Help Rescue a Woman Trapped Inside During Fire

HEBER SPRINGS, Ark.- Neighbors in Heber Springs tried to help a woman trapped inside her home early Friday morning when a fire broke out.  It happened in the 2100 block of Highway 110.

Heber Springs Fire Chief Jason Robitaille says he believes the fire started in the lower level of the house and the woman wasn't able to get out. 

"We were met with very smoky conditions and zero visibility conditions inside the home," says Chief Robitaille.

"The lower part of the duplex was in flames and I saw the firemen shine the light into the bedrooms to see if anybody was in there," says Sammie Sublett, a neighbor.

Another neighbor says two people who lived in the house knocked on his door, panicked, telling him someone was trapped inside.

He says before firefighters got on scene he and a police officer tried to get in to rescue her.

"I know it's just human nature, we want to help others," says Chief Robitaille.  "But what happens is those smoky conditions, the type of elements, chemicals that are in the smoke cripple someone's efforts quite rapidly."

Chief Robitaille says firefighters were able to get the woman out of the home. 

Sublett says he tries to keep an eye out for his neighbors when it comes to emergencies.  "I don't want nobody to get trapped in fires or laying in bed sleeping and have a tornado come through."

Chief Robitaille say the woman was alive when she was rescued from the home, but her condition now is unknown. 

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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