Neighbors Want 4-Way Stop at Popular Downtown Little Rock Intersection

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“I like the energy that downtown produces. I like being able to walk places with my son,” Chris East said.  

A Sunday stroll in downtown Little Rock is common for East and his 4 year old son. Their family has lived downtown for almost 10 years. 

“We can walk to the parks, walk to the libraries, walk to the museums,” East said with his son by his side.  

But when they get to the intersection of Capitol and Rock St., the walk can get a bit, well, rocky. 

Capitol Ave. does not have a stop sign at the intersection. 

“We have to wait for a lull in traffic in order to come across,” East said with cars coming up behind him. 

Traffic has increased with local business developments like Fassler Hall and Dust Bowl. 

“There’s been a lot of positive growth,” Executive Chef for both businesses, Clark Hunter said. 

The restaurant and bowling alley have helped revitalize the corner, but now it may need some new safety features. 

“It’s kind of dangerous,” Hunter said. 

Hunter has seen close calls from some of his employees, and heard of worse happening just outside his restaurant. 

“There’s been like I think 2 or 3 people that have actually been hit by a vehicle,” he said.  

We witnessed dozens of cars trying to cross Capitol but were forced to inch into oncoming traffic. 

“Sometimes it’s kind of hard to see across the street ’til you get about halfway there and then by that point you already have cars like on top of you,” Hunter said. 

But a solution could be simple. 

“I’d say the first step would just be to add a stop sign at this intersection, really a four-way stop at this intersection,” East said. 

An easy fix to improve safety and help it move in the same direction as growth in downtown Little Rock. 

The East family reached out to the mayor’s office with their concerns. 

As of a few weeks ago, a traffic review has been ordered. 

No word on if it has been performed or if any changes will come of it yet. 

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