Arkansas senator calls state rep. ‘sissy’ after proposing new bill

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark – State Representative Aaron Pilkington filed House Bill 1065 with hopes to eliminate tax collection on feminine hygiene products. 

He thinks it’s good policy and kills two birds with one stone; cutting taxes and making healthcare more accessible to Arkansas women, “As a conservative Republican legislator this made perfect sense.  We’re cutting taxes, we’re cutting taxes on a product that women need whether you’re making minimum wage or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.”

State Senator Bob Ballinger sent out a tweet in response to Pilkington talking about his bill by saying “We’re going to kill this sissy.”

Ballinger admittedly said he expected some response to that tweet but said he was joking with a friend on social media, “My reaction to Representative Pilkington was purely in gest.  We’re good friends, I was giving him a hard time and I tend to do that on twitter.”

Representative Pilkington wasn’t surprised by the reaction, “I understand people’s reaction, people don’t understand the relationship me and Bob have and so for a lot of people this is a personal issue.”

Both legislators say they do take friendly jabs at each other on social media.  Representative Pilkington says the pandemic has not allowed them to interact like they normally would be able to.  He says he didn’t Ballinger’s tweet personally, “I didn’t think he was being mean, I think he was poking fun and I texted him this morning because I went to sleep before that went out and I woke up and my notifications were blowing up and so I just text him and said ‘Way to blow up my phone man!'”

Ballinger says people need to lighten up on twitter, “Like I don’t know do these people never joke with their friends? Is this really how, do they not have a sense of humor at all or do they just play that part on twitter?”

Ballinger does oppose the bill and understands why people support it but thinks there are other cuts that could be made that are better policy, “Let’s take it out of some tax that is unreasonable that maybe taxes some populations more than other populations.”

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