New DEA, AR National Guard Illegal Marijuana Growth Tipline

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NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Law enforcement is cracking down on marijuana. Now, they are asking for your help to do so. 
The DEA says it’s using specialized equipment to get the drug out of Arkansas. 
Even though medical marijuana will be legal in Arkansas, there are certain rules on how to have it or grow it. It’s also against federal law. 
That’s why this summer the DEA, the Arkansas National Guard, and others will be looking for illegal growth operations. 
A special Arkansas National Guard helicopter is expected to get a lot of use this summer. It’s what the National Guard and law enforcement agencies across the state use to have eyes in the sky. They are looking specifically for marijuana. 
The Guard’s counterdrug coordinator says each summer they partner with the DEA and other agencies to eradicate illegal weed growth. 
“Usually they hover around 500 foot when they looking for marijuana plants,” said the counterdrug coordinator. 
“When you have a helicopter it changes the game and it makes your missions a great deal safer,” said Arkansas DEA assistant special agent in-charge Matthew Barden.
Barden says having help from the Guard makes the mission much safer. 
“Marijuana is still a money making venture, it’s a money making drug, it’s a money making crop so people guard those crops many times,” said Barden. 
This year they are doing something a bit different. They are branching out and asking for help. 
“Human intelligence is the greatest thing law enforcement has going for us,” said Barden. 
“If we have any information to narrow the scope down to where marijuana might be through getting information from other people, that’s key to us,” said the counterdrug coordinator. 
They have set up a tip line where people who might know where it’s being grown can call. Helping the teams up above get illegal drugs out of the ground. 
The hotline to call is 1-800-LEEF-U-C-0 (1-800-533-3820) 
If the DEA is able to get the marijuana plants and possibly charge someone you can get a reward for calling in. 

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