LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – It’s the last weekend of the 83rd Arkansas State Fair and attendance has been through the roof. 

With new rides and great weather, people have been coming to enjoy it all, and of course one other thing, the food.

Theresa Murtha, co-owner of Pat’s Kitchen says when people come to the fair, they’re looking for deep-fried deliciousness. 

“We’ve been doing the fair for about 10 years now,” Murtha said.

Murtha and her team love coming up with creative and award-winning foods.

“In 2017, we won best tasting and most creative for our Thanksgiving taco, and in 2019 we won best tasting for the deep-fried lasagna,” Murtha said.

With hundreds of thousands of people attending the Arkansas State Fair, they’ve been going through some products, including hundreds of pounds of lemons. 

“Thankfully we have food services that will deliver to us several times during the week, so we can kind of keep an eye on how much we have in stock and what we need to order, Murtha said.

One new item on the menu is drawing crowds.

“This year our new feature is our Philly steak cheese fries, and so we have the fries with the white cheese sauce, the steak meat, the grilled onions and peppers, and more cheese sauce on it and then we do a little garnish on it and everybody loves it,” Murtha said.

Another best seller is a classic they’ve had for a while. 

“We are known for our deep-fried lasagna, so we have a lot of people who have come back several times through the years and they’re looking for us for that,” Murtha said.

Murtha says she loves the fair and looks forward to serving Arkansans at each year.

“It’s fun to see everybody having fun and enjoying the different foods,” Murtha said.

Officials with the Arkansas State Fair say that this year is on track to be a recording-breaking attendance year. The fair’s last day open is Sunday.