Newspaper Delivery Driver Shot, Robbed At Gunpoint, Car Stolen

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.–A man delivering newspapers in the early morning hours was shot, robbed at gunpoint and his car stolen. It happened Wednesday morning in a west Little Rock neighborhood.

In fact, if you’ve been getting a paper in the western part of the city, you have Howard Shelton to thank, he’s been delivering the news for years.  

Howard Shelton said he is grateful to be alive. Shelton said a man came up to his car after he dropped a newspaper at the front door of a home. A suspect then fired a shot at Shelton as he was going back to his car. Shelton grabbed the suspect’s handgun as he drove away.

“I’m feeling fine. Just a little sore,” said Shelton.

60-year-old Howard Shelton is recovering in bed with his leg and foot wrapped up after being shot Wednesday morning.

“I rather have these injuries than being shot at again,” said Shelton.

For more than 20 years Shelton has delivered papers to homes in the Duquesne Place neighborhood in West Little Rock.

“I watched many of those homes get built. I deliver every paper right at the front. I don’t throw my papers. I sat them down on the doorstep,” said Shelton.

But after he delivered to one home, two men approached him in a red car.

“A guy jumped out on the passenger side and the other guy drove past my car and the guy who jumped out ran towards my car,” said Shelton.

Shelton said the suspect opened fire.

“To make sure I didn’t get shot at again I ran and grabbed the gun and I held it until he began to drive off. He drug me about 10 feet. I  have a 93-year-old mother that I’m trying to live out my life for and protect her,” said Shelton.

Surprisingly Shelton said he wasn’t scared.

“I’m just looking to put it behind me,” said Shelton.

When neighbors heard what happened to their newspaper delivery man heard about their newspaper man they became concerned.

“Howard is a wonderful person and a great paper person. He never misses a day,” said Robert Pfeiffer.

“I’m just thankful that I’m here,” said Shelton.

Howard said the men got away with his cell phone, credit cards and other belongings. He’s hoping police can find the men responsible.

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