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NLR Police Chief Hopes Release of Officer Shooting Video Dispels Rumors

North Little Rock, Ark. - "Misinformation has caused concern in our community, which I want to make sure we clear up today," North Little Rock Police Chief Mike Davis said at a press conference Wednesday. 

Chief Davis believes dash-cam footage shows officers had no choice but to open fire early Sunday morning during a traffic stop, resulting in the death of 17-year-old Charles Smith Junior.

"Well, I'm hoping that it will get the truth out," Chief Davis said. 

The 1 AM traffic stop started off casual. Off-camera one officer is heard asking Smith about his shoes.

"What are those new Air Force Ones, man?" the officer asked. 

The mood changes as officers notice Smith becoming fidgety.

A scuffle spills onto the asphalt, then Smith is heard yelling, "I can't go to jail!"

Moments later, flashes of a gun in Smith's hand appear and a shot is fired. Then another shot is fired, narrowly missing the face of an officer. 

Chief Davis says those first two shots came from Smith.

All three officers shoot back firing multiple rounds.

Smith died at the scene.

The curbside where the incident happened on Camp Robinson looks much different Wednesday.

Balloons, candles and photos serve as a reminder of the pain one family continues to deal with.

"I mean this is a tragic thing that happened. I feel like we needed to get it out there for people to actually see," Chief Davis said. 

The traffic stop for speeding and a broken headlight, ended with that deadly gunfire.

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