NLRPD yet to see a homicide in 2019, 6 this time last year

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NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Going down the dinner line at Walkers Home Cooking in North Little Rock is like a walk down memory lane. 

A taste of simpler times when Linda Walker learned the craft by her mother and grandmother. 

“I used to sit in the kitchen and watch them cook all the time,” Walker said. 

Now with her own business off Main, she knows the streets aren’t always as kind as her cooking. 

“I don’t want to see anybody gets hurt,” she said. 

This time last year — there were already 6 homicides in North Little Rock. 

So far in 2019 — there are zero. 

“Oh, that’s great!” Walker said. 

“That’s really great, that’s great all around for North Little Rock,” Earl Turner, a frequent customer said.  

Turner lives in town and wants to do his part to help the positive trend continue.  

“All people have to do is just stick together and look out for one another and just watch over the kids,” he said. 

For Walker it hasn’t always been easy. She lost her niece to violence a few years ago and some other family members were impacted by crime. 

“I just wish it would disappear and never come back,” she said. 

So as she serves up comfort each day, it’s topped with a slice of hope. 

“It’s a good place to live and a good community, you know? I just hope it will stay that way.”

NLRPD says they can’t pinpoint a specific reason for the decline in homicides. 

While homicides are down, car thefts are up. NLRPD says they’ve had more than 60 so far this year.

To put the homicide numbers into perspective, Little Rock has had 11 homicides, But the city are three times larger than NLR.

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