North Little Rock area impacted by flooding

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NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- All of the heavy rain we experienced caused flash floods across central Arkansas Thursday.

In North Little Rock, Newton Creek will rise quickly during storms, but people who live there say, Thursday was unlike what many of them have experienced before. 

Fortunately, the water receded quickly, but debris and some damage remain. 

Flash flooding drowned out parts of North Little Rock Thursday. 

Where there’s normally grass, instead sits inches of standing water. 

“This is the worst that I’ve seen it,” says Barbie Garza.

Garza lives near MacArthur Drive and Del Monte. She was at work when the storm arrived. 

“I have a boat that is right next to the creek, and so I ran home to see if I needed to move the boat or what was happening,” Garza says. 

She is one of the lucky ones who did not have standing water in her yard, but like many others, she had to wade through some to get home. 

“I had to park at the end of the street and walk down here and the road was pretty much flooded almost to above my ankles,” she says. 

Dozens in this area were searching for higher and drier land.  

With a creek that runs through the area, Garza says she’s used to water coming up quickly. As intense as her afternoon got, she says it still died down just as fast. 

“Usually about 30 minutes and it’s gone,” says Garza. 

Some of the water damage left in the storm’s wake will take longer to repair. 

Evaluating some of the damage will likely have to wait for many parts of central Arkansas since another round of rain is expected Friday. 

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