NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A coalition of North Little Rock churches reunited for the first time in years to celebrate the work they do for the community.

The North Little Rock City Mission was founded in 1947 and is made up of 13 African American churches from across the city.

Once a month, the mission will hold community service activities to benefit families and organizations in the area and will honor members with a monthly luncheon. But COVID put a stop to the festivities. 

To celebrate their 75th anniversary, the mission re-instated their annual luncheon – the first to be held in years.

Landrum Marshall, pastor of First Baptist Church explains, “because of the pandemic, we’ve been really out for the last three years. We wanted to celebrate the membership that’s been faithful in coming to our meetings that we have on the Sunday, Monday of every month.”  

In addition to service, the North Little Rock City Mission also gives out scholarships for students to attend Arkansas colleges and universities.