North Little Rock Council votes to make the highway sales tax permanent

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NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — It’s been less than a month since Governor Asa Hutchinson launched his “Vote for Roads, Vote for Issue One” campaign to make the half-percent highway sales tax permanent.

Tonight on the North Little Rock City Council Agenda, whether to put the petal to the metal or pump the the breaks on this continued tax.

As of now that half percent sales tax is set to expire in 2023. Governor Hutchinson is hoping to get support from communities across the state to make that tax permanent.

For the North Little Rock City Council, that seemed like a no brainier.

“How about a motion to accept?”

No discussion.

“So moved, second, all those in favor say aye. Aye.”

None opposed.

“Motion Carries.”

The North Little Rock City Council gives their full support to make the highway sales tax permanent.

“We’re one of the first cities to reach out and say ‘Governor we’re behind you 100%,” said Mayor Joe Smith of North Little Rock.

Mayor Joe Smith led the charge saying roads are the foundation of a good community.

“If a cities streets are in disrepair that city seems to have a feeling of being depressed,” said Mayor Joe Smith.

And he’s already seen the improvement in the city of North Little Rock since the tax passed in 2012.

“With this additional money we’re able to get in and fix some of the aging infrastructure of our streets inside our neighborhoods,” Mayor Joe Smith.

For Smith he believes this half percent tax is a small price to keep the streets and highways in the best shape possible.

“None of us like taxes, but we hate bad roads,” said Mayor Smith.

Cities and counties will also get about 43 million dollars each year.

Hutchinson says this is his top priority for ballot initiatives next year.

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