NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A North Little Rock couple said they are shaken up after their home was hit with bullets during an aggravated robbery nearby.

Sylvia and Jeff Landers told us that their house was shot at in the broad of daylight last weekend on March 11.

A week later, they are still hoping for answers as to why and how their house was affected by this.

The couple lives on Maple Street in North Little Rock and said three men behind their house were shooting at two in front of their house in the midst of an aggravated robbery incident.

Their house was hit with two bullets in the meantime.

“I don’t know what he was shooting at, but not a very good shot,” Jeff said. “It could have gone through the front door and into one, of us or the dogs.”

Jeff even pulled one of the bullets out of their roof while we were visiting them at their house.

“There’s the bullet…” he said, as he pulled it out.

North Little Rock Police confirmed three arrests were made within an hour of the shootings.

The Landers’ said despite the arrests being made, they still feel in the dark on the details of the investigation. They also said they do not feel completely safe leaving their house in the meantime,

“I like to sit out in my backyard,” Sylvia said. “I do not want to sit out there and get caught in a crossfire of whatever stupidness they’re doing.”

A spokesperson for Pulaski County Regional Detention Center said two of the three suspects are still in jail. One has bonded out.

The investigation is ongoing for all three.