North Little Rock mayor campaign signs vandalized

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NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- The North Little Rock Mayor runoff race is getting a lot of attention but not for typical reasons.

While many people are going to the polls to cast their vote, others are sharing their opinions by vandalizing campaign signs.

“What your doing is fanning flames,” said Tracy Steele, NLR Mayor Candidate.

Someone wrote a racial slur on the campaign signs for Mayor candidate Tracy Steele and drew a target on his face. 

“North Little Rock is a better place than that, that is not the North Little Rock that I know,” said Steele.

Steele said this isn’t the first sign to be vandalized, on either side of the campaign trail. 

“It’s going on on both sides but we condemn it, there’s no place for it in politics,” Terry Hartwick, NLR Mayor Candidate.

Terry Harrwick, the opposing Mayor on the ballot said this sign is not a reflection of North Little Rock. 

“It’s horrible, it’s not something that this city is about, this campaign is not about, our campaign is not about,” said Harrwick.

North Little Rock police say they are looking into the situation but as of now there are no witnesses. 

“You can destroy my signs or whatever, I don’t care about that but lets not add insult to injury and fan those flames by putting racial messages on it. There’s no place for that in our society today,” said Steele.

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