NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – North Little Rock police officer Tommy Norman gave the public an update after suffering a heart attack.

In a social media post, Norman said that his cardiologist informed him that he did suffer from a major heart attack with 90-95% blockage, also referred to as a “widow maker.”

He added that he will also receive an additional stent in two weeks and asked that everyone keep him in their prayers as he continues to recover.

Norman has received nationwide attention and has become a viral sensation for his style of community policing over the years.

Even with the accolades he has received, Norman has seen challenges. He experienced a tragic loss last November when his daughter suddenly passed away.

Norman said shortly afterwards that he was hoping to turn the loss into a message of hope and wanted her story to inspire those fighting addiction and their families.

“We will fight every day as a community and as a world to fight addiction to be there for people who have addictions and not to give up on them,” he told KARK 4 News. “To love on them and to tell them that they are going to be okay.”