North Little Rock orders extra patrols, cancels days off as City deals with historic flood

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NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Even in bad times, Shirley Collier and her best life-long friend Linda Combs find time to laugh and joke.

Water is in the basement of both of their homes but their minds are at ease knowing blue lights are nearby.

“They [officers] have been standing at these corners every night,” says Combs.

Collier says she left her basement door open last night to pump water out, a decision easier to make knowing an officer is nearby.

“It makes me feel good,” says Collier.

North Little Rock Police Chief Mike Davis says the department has canceled days off for officers until at least next week as the City prepares for possible flash flooding later this week. The department is working with officers who already have scheduled vacations.

Chief Davis says ten officers have been assigned to flooded areas to keep extra watch.

“They [homeowners] have enough on their plates,” says Chief Davis. “People are going to try and come into areas and look and the people who live there, they are all about somebody coming to help them but they don’t want somebody coming through there and making matters worse.”

Officers have been making sure people don’t pass barricades, something that could turn deadly, and criminal activity.

“We don’t want people who are dealing with this right now that are having damage to their homes to have to worry about that,” says Chief Davis.

People are relieved the City has put extra patrols in the damaged areas.

“People can drown out there in that creek,” says Combs.

While best friends work to pump water out of their homes they do so with peace of mind.

“I sleep better at night knowing they are out there,” says Combs.

It’s important to note, it’s not just police officers providing the extra patrols but various City employees are doing it as well including the Public Works department.

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