NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Summer is officially in the rearview mirror and school is back in session which means school busses are hitting the roads every morning and every afternoon. School districts are reminding drivers to pay attention and be patient to keep students safe.

As the door opens on a new year at the North Little Rock School District, the rules of the road remain the same.

“When you see that flashing red that means stop,” NLRSD Administrative Director Jamie Coleman said.

Coleman said just like a stoplight, the school busses also give a heads up to drivers.

“The yellow lights are going to come on to warn you that the bus is actually getting ready to stop,” Coleman said.

Once the yellow transitions to red, that warning becomes law.

“You know that the bus is either loading students or it’s letting students off at one of their bus stops,” Coleman said.

Yet, she said drivers still decide to fly on by.

“Every year at least one student is hit by a driver that doesn’t have any patience, doesn’t pay attention and ignores the flashing lights and goes around the bus,” Coleman said.

Rolling out a reminder to those sharing the road with the yellow busses, Coleman said take your foot off the gas, be ready to hit the brakes and add a little extra time into your commute to keep students safe this school year.

“This bus is big,” Coleman said. “They may not go as fast as you want them to go. They may have to turn a little slower so just be patient. They’re just trying to get home.”

NLRSD bus drivers are able to report drivers who pass them. If you’re caught you could face a fine of up to $2,500.