NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – It’s been over 200 days of waiting for a North Little Rock lady from Ukraine to know if her mother is safe. 

Marina Amdream was finally able to speak with her mom who is in Ukraine on facetime after 204 days. 

“It felt like a miracle because thousands of people, as you know have died in Ukraine, but for some divine intervention my mother is alive,” Amdream says as she describes the emotions she had on the phone. 

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, she has been waiting for this moment. The 204 days were as tough for Amdream as she daily watched her home country get destroyed by Russia.

Amdream says that she sometimes “wanted to doubt” that her mom wasn’t safe, but she continued to walk through life denying the thought of negativity.

“I cannot control what’s out there happening, but I can control what’s happening inside of me.” This message is what she hopes to deliver at her motivational speaking events.

Despite the struggles and stress of worrying about her mother, Amdream has hosted 47 motivational events. 

Her smile and positive attitude leave many not knowing the pain she deals with.

“You’ve got to be positive and grateful for what you do have,” she says.

And now she’s grateful to know she still has her mother.

She says the next step is to bring her to the United States so she and her mom can live their “happily ever after.”

To get her mom to the U.S., Amdream says she will need to raise some money and work with the government immigration to get them to approve her mom’s visa.