Update: Paintballs continue to be shot at cars on Little Rock interstate

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — New information tonight as more drivers report being hit by paintballs on interstates near downtown Little Rock.

Several drivers say someone shot their car with a paintball gun while they were driving on I-630 and I-30 near the bridge to North Littel Rock.

State Police are investigating.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Disturbing pictures tonight out of Little Rock where several cars were hit on I-630 when someone shot paintballs at them.

This all happened along a pretty busy stretch of 630 and state police say they’ve gotten several reports from drivers who were hit. That’s why they’re warning anyone going through this area to just be careful.

Traffic might be flowing but there’s one driver who’d rather take the long way and then get caught on I-630 in Little Rock, again.

“It was pretty frightening,” said one of the drivers. “It was a really loud hard hit directly by my head.”

That memory is why he’s not sharing his name to avoid being targeted a second time.

“Immediately when I got out of my car I could see a big orange splotch,” said the driver.

He knew right away that someone with a paintball gun was using cars on the interstate as moving targets.

“I’m glad I didn’t immediately pull of the road I might have gotten hit again,” said the driver.

Other drivers gave state police similar stories and shared photos of their cars. All the hits happening as they passed the battery street overpass.

“This person was presumably here for several hours shooting cars on the freeway,” said the driver.

The mark of that washed off without a scratch at least in this case.

“Made me swerve and hit another vehicle,” said the driver.

But as he refelects on what could have happened. That’s now his driving force to stop this.

“My whole family was in the car. It’s not funny, grow up, and get safe,” said the driver.

State police are stressing drivers should keep an eye out and if your car is hit, make a report with them.

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