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Parent: Kindergartner Checked Out of School by Stranger

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - A routine conversation... 

"How did your day go? How was school today?"

With unexpected responses. 

"She said 'dad I went to the dentist today.' I'm like you couldn't have went to the dentist, because y'all just went the other day," Charles Witcher said. 

Friday, Witcher's 5 year old daughter was checked out of  school by a stranger. 

"To find out information like that it will just make your heart drop," he said. 

After several phone calls to Capital City Lighthouse Charter School in North Little Rock, he learned Capitol Dental picked up his kindergartner and drove her to their office. 

"After they got to the dentist office and the dentist asked her her name, and she told the dentist she was Kaile Witcher and he was like, oh you the wrong child," Witcher said describing what his daughter told him. 

The child was brought back to school. 

"I just thank God that she was OK." 

Witcher says he was never notified of the incident by the school. 

"There's just so many questions that I want to ask her but I don't want to overwhelm her and make her think that she did something wrong," he said. 

According to the student handbook for Capital City Lighthouse, if a student is picked up early from school, it must be by a legal parent or guardian, or have written permission from them. 

Witcher says at the beginning of the year they filled out emergency contact information and forms stating who can take his kids out of school. That information is then put in a folder in the front office. 

"They didn't check my child's folder. Obviously." 

While Witcher says he chose the school for the academics, there's one other core requirement... 

"That they safe every day." 

A concern across the country he hopes will bring about changes.

"I would think they would have way better supervisors and people in charge than that." 

One thing he says won't change, is talking and connecting with his kids. 

"I'm just thankful that I'm one of those dads that take the time to hug mine and ask them how their day goes everyday." 

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