Parents anxious over back and forth of kids returning to school

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PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. – Parents across Pulaski County spent Tuesday morning waiting to see if their kids would return to in-person learning. It’s a common, near-daily update that many parents are now used to, with schools’ learning models changing as rapidly as staffing and COVID numbers.

For parents, many say the constant questioning has become tiresome.

“Everyone’s frustrated,” said Kim Salerno, a Little Rock mom of two. “I just live day-to-day. I take it one day at a time”

Salerno has one child in the Little Rock School District and another in private school. She must check for two updates every time the guidelines change, with the possibility of one student being virtual and the other in-person.

With two older kids who can work independently, Salerno says virtual learning hasn’t stopped her ability to go to work as a childcare coordinator in a Maumelle gym. But, she says, “I couldn’t imagine having kids at multiple schools and balancing out this one has to go virtual, this one doesn’t, I have to go to work.”

Because of her job, Salerno says she’s seen kids required to be virtual spend the day in childcare, working on Zoom calls and laptops as their parents work full-time jobs.

North Little Rock mom Toni Roy also must work full-time but says her company has been accommodating when it comes to virtual learning. She’s also grown frustrated having to wait and see day by day and would like to see administrators make a firm call one way or the other.

“Me personally, I think they need to have the kids virtual right now as the numbers increase,” Roy said, adding that even now that NLRSD allows students to choose, she believes both of her kids would prefer to stay home.

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