LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Around the holidays people gather to spend time with their families, but some have loved ones missing from the table, taken too soon as a result of violence.

Saturday, the Central Arkansas Chapter of Parents of Murdered Children gathered to show support for one another during this time.

“We have lost someone that is very dear to our hearts,” a POMC member said.

The walls lined with pictures of loved ones, and the spark of a flame, as family members gathered.

“In remembrance of your loved one and all of the loved ones who have been lost to homicide,” a POMC member said.

This is Elaine Coclasure and “this is my husband. He was 47 years old,” Coclasure said.

Her husband was murdered in July of 1989.

“It was very traumatic because he was fine, healthy, everything is going great and he just never comes home, so it was very hard for us,” Coclasure said.

Especially these last few years, “one of them was let out of prison after 25 years,” and “wanting to go on with his life, but we can’t go on because he is not there and it’s just been really hard,” Coclasure said.

She has been a part of the Central Arkansas Chapter of POMC for many years.

“A shared burden is an eased burden, so they know they are not the only one this has happened too, it’s happening to all of us,” Coclasure said.

Coclasure said the pain never goes away, but to have a community that supports them helps ease the pain.

Coclasure also said the pain never goes away, but to have a community that supports them helps ease the pain.

“I think it’s good for us all get together and remember them as they were, not as murder victims, but as the people they were and the great memories that we have of them,” Coclasure said.

With 2022 nearing it’s end, Elaine said it’s during this time, these loved ones of murder victims need the community most.

“Holidays are special because that person is not there and the circumstance of their death makes it much worse,” Coclasure said.

Coclasure said anniversaries, birthdays, and the date of death are really hard.

If you are a loved one of a murder victim and you would like to reach out to this organization, visit them online.