CABOT, Ark. – Parents who claim their son was abused at a local daycare are speaking out and say charges against the employee are not enough.        

The alleged incident took place nearly two months ago at the Little Life Academy in Cabot, which is owned by New Life Church. Tonight, the employee accused in the case, Triana Biggers, is facing two charges: Battery and Endangering the Welfare of a Minor in the Second Degree.

Justin and Tarina Pleasants said they discovered bruises on their 4-year-old son’s arm in May after bringing him home from daycare.

“The one person we thought [son’s name] could trust the most of anybody there ended up being the person who hurt him,” said Tarina Pleasants.

Bigger’s lawyer sent a statement in response saying,

“The James Law Firm has been hired to represent Ms. Biggers against the allegations stemming from her employment at Little Life Academy.

Ms. Biggers is aware of the basic allegations but denies she did anything wrong.  Ms. Biggers worked as Assistant Director for 3 years without a complaint.  

While Ms. Biggers did supervise the minor on the day in question, she was unaware of any injury to the child.  

In addition, Ms. Biggers met with the parent of the child who was satisfied with her explanation of the day’s events and even hugged Ms. Biggers after the meeting.

We will fight these allegations aggressively.”

The Pleasants said they are concerned with more than just Biggers, though.

“Someone that would attempt to cover up abuse should not be working with children,” said Justin Pleasants.

The parents claim the director of the daycare tried to cover up and downplay the situation, offering to work with Biggers on her behavior and only showing clips of the footage of the alleged abuse.

“When we asked for more footage we were hit with, ‘We can’t share anything with you everything’s been handled,’” said Justin.

Justin said that they were informed that everything had been handed over to the Department of Human Services and the Child Abuse Hotline and that they would conduct an investigation.

Tarina also said she was met with a cease and desist from New Life’s Human Resources Director.

FOX 16 reached out to the church and daycare’s attorney numerous times, as well as the HR Director, for comment but did not hear back.

The Pleasants said they are left with few answers from the church or the daycare…with the charges against Biggers the only thing giving them peace of mind.

They are pushing to get more video footage from other days prior to this incident and said they are certain this isn’t the first time it happened, this was just the first time they found bruising.

Meanwhile, Biggersis out on bond and is awaiting her court date on September 12.