LITTLE ROCK, Ark – Parents and students say they’re still shaken after what they say was an emotional day at Central High School.

Little Rock Police say there was a shooting near campus Tuesday and bullets went through a classroom window.

Sherill Montgomery has a 14-year-old at the school. She says her daughter texted her Tuesday morning notifying her mom of the shooting and that the school was on lockdown.

“I was just afraid. Fearful but still trying to remain calm for her,” Montgomery said.

Montgomery says her daughter was in her second class of the day. Her first period though was in the building where bullets went through the window.

“That was a whole other set of emotions,” Montgomery said. “I’m thinking what if she had been in the portables or what if she had been outside?” said Montgomery.

Montgomery says she spent the day trying to process what happened and also comfort her daughter.

“We’ve just had to continue to talk to provide a safe space for them to share,” Montgomery said.

Mirah Brown is a licensed professional counselor in Benton. She says incidents like these can have a greater impact on students not just now but in the weeks to come.

“When they are dealing with these emotions, it might come out in their behavior, it might come out in their dreams when they are sleeping at night or in their eating patterns,” Brown said.

Brown says it’s important to watch for these changes in the coming days and weeks and address them when needed.

LRSD says they will have counselors available for students to talk to when they return to campus.

Wednesday the district says Central High will be on an AMI schedule or virtual learning as police continue their investigation.