Paul the Peacock roams streets of Jacksonville

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JACKSONVILLE, Ark.- Paul the peacock has been on the run for more than a decade. Despite being well known in the Jacksonville community, officers still aren’t able to catch him.

Paul has been spotted in several different places around town.

Jalen Taylor lives off Cloverdale in Jacksonville. He said the first time he saw Paul, he thought he was going crazy.

“I said bro we might not see this again,” said Jalen Taylor, lives in Jacksonville.

What started as a rare peacock sighting in Jacksonville, slowly turned into a daily occurrence.

“He was out there this morning,” said Taylor. “I was at a church playing basketball and I saw him just walking around and I said, “bro there goes a peacock.”

Taylor saw Paul again while riding his bike with his 6-year-old nephew, King. King said he was amazed.

“I liked him,” said King Rancifer, 6-year-old.

Dozens of other community members have posted their sighting on Facebook, just like Taylor. All of them, trying to keep a close eye on Paul’s whereabouts.

“He’s like a town mascot,” said Hedy Cass, Jacksonville Animal Control Supervisor.

Hedy Cass is the Jacksonville Animal Control Supervisor. She’s been trying to catch Paul for more than 10 years, but it hasn’t been easy.

“He’s quick, yes he’s quick,” said Cass,

Cass said the phone is usually ringing off the hook with Paul sightings.

The calls stopped for a couple years but started up again in 2020.

Most of the time Paul is spotted sitting on a fence or a roof.

“If we can, we will try to catch him but if not, he will be okay he’s been going on for several years,” said Cass,

“I don’t think they can catch him the way he jumped up onto the house- I didn’t know they could do that,” said Taylor.

Paul is keeping a bird’s eye view on this neighborhood, while the community is keeping a watchful eye on him.

Cass said several rescues have offered a home for Paul if Animal Control can catch him.

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