People concerned after FBI agent-involved shooting on Stagecoach Rd

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The FBI is still working to try to figure out what lead up to the shooting that happened at the Dollar General on Stagecoach Road today.

Yellow tape was on the scene everywhere Tuesday afternoon, and people who live nearby had a lot of questions.

“I’m trying to figure out what’s going on myself,” said Krystal Rowe who lives nearby.

According to the FBI, during an FBI led law enforcement operation, a shooting happend.

“He said he heard three gunshots, and he heard some cars drive by,” said Chloe Gaston who lives nearby.

Gaston says after her brother heard shots, he told everyone in the house. They live directly across the street from where it all happened.

“I was asleep, and my brother he came in there running and was like ‘everybody wake up, come here, come here’ so we came outside and saw all of these police cars and some undercover detectives and all of those people and they were just all spread out,” said Gaston.

The agent was not injured, but a person was. FBI Officials say they were taken to a local hospital.

LRPD and the Arkansas State Police are assisting with this investigation.

Several people in the area came around asking questions.

Krystal Rowe said it was just shocking to see something like this happening on such a busy road.

“It’s the afternoon, evening time so you know, shouldn’t anything be going on and I hope everything is okay,” said Rowe.

No word yet on the condition of the person who was taken to a local hospital. The road has since re-opened.

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