People upset about Warren courthouse Nativity scene not being displayed this year

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WARREN, Ark. — Community members in Bradley County are furious after the courthouse released a letter saying a Nativity scene will not be displayed in the lawn this year.

The news comes from the County Judge, who says he had no choice after receiving multiple letters from the ACLU complaining about the tradition.

Our Haylee Brooks spoke with several locals who said one complaint is ruining a tradition for everyone, and they want to fight it.

Every street corner, store and front yard in Warren has already decked the halls, but one thing is missing.

“They took away our Christian flag and now they are trying to take away our Nativity scene,” says Jose Smith a neighbor.

Smith grew up in Warren, and now she’s standing up for it.

“That just really hurts my heart my heart because Jesus is 100 % the reason for Christmas. I mean we wouldn’t have anything to celebrate if it wasn’t for him.”

Judge Klay McKinney says he received numerous letters from ACLU since 2017 about the religious decoration and to avoid legal fees he decided to stop the tradition cold turkey.

Which isn’t sitting well with locals.

“Just let us keep our tradition going at the courthouse. Keep the Nativity scene, it’s not harming anyone,” say’s Kelli Yates.

“It’s a big hit for people around here. People go and take pictures of it and just come to see all the lights around it and everything and it’s just a big statement,” says Smith.

Smith says an even bigger statement will be made this season as the town is planning on banding together, to put out their own Nativity scene.

“This year there will be more Nativity scenes up in Warren than ever before.”

Haylee Brooks reached out to several people who live in Warren and all of them are upset about this decision. She tells us that she could not find a single person who agreed with removing the Nativity scene tradition.

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