PINE BLUFF, Ark. — A Pine Bluff mall could be sold at a foreclosure auction, if the owner doesn’t pay damages to a woman who won a lawsuit against the mall when she was injured inside.

If Pines Mall owner Judy Vu wants to get out of jail for a criminal contempt charge, she either has to pay a cash bond comparable to what she owes or start cooperating with the court.

Nearly 3 years ago, a Jefferson County judge ordered Vu to pay $50,000 in medical bills to a woman who slipped on leaking water inside the Pines Mall. Since then court documents show Vu has not paid and is not working with the courts to end this.

“This has been dragging on for years now,” said Tim Giattina, a lawyer who won the lawsuit against the mall nearly three years ago. “We’re hopeful that this will help speed up the process to get some kind of resolution, finally get the money our clients are owed.”

Staff at the mall did not want to comment.

Fox 16 News reached out to Vu’s lawyer, he declined to comment.


PINE BLUFF, Ark. – Court documents show the owner of the Pines Mall was arrested for criminal contempt in connection to a lawsuit filed against her in 2016.

The suit against Judy Vu was brought by a woman who claims she slipped and fell on leaking water in the mall, leaving her with extensive injuries including a torn meniscus.

A judge awarded the woman $50,000 in damages, which Vu hasn’t paid.

Lawyers representing the suit say Vu was arrested during a hearing for the case Tuesday.

Original story:

PINE BLUFF, Ark. — The owner of the Pines Mall in Pine Bluff is facing a criminal contempt charge.

Thuytien “Judy” Vu, was arrested Tuesday night at the mall.

The 51-year-old was initially booked under a different charge, but the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is calling that a mistake.

Vu is in the Jefferson County jail. Her bond is set at $56,000.

Susan El Khoury is talking to investigators to find out what happened. This is a developing story, check back for updates.