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Police Calming Fears after Gang Rumors Circulate in Conway

CONWAY, Ark. - Police are trying to calm people's fears after a Facebook post claimed a Pine Bluff gang is specifically targeting women in Faulkner County. 

Police say those accusations on social media are false. 

One pastor in Conway takes his message to church to try and calm everyone down. 

When you're left speechless, sometimes all you can do is lean on faith. 

"Surely are aware our community has been affected by tragedy," says Pastor Paul Dehaan.

To find hope in tragedy. 

"We want to prayer for those that are hurting," says Paul Dehaan.

"It's affecting everyone in the community," says Fran Hichens. 

Wednesday evening's service at Crosspoint Church in Conway started with a message from Pastor Paul Dehaan. 

"It just seems like one thing after another. Everywhere you look you hear of violence," says Paul Dehaan. 

This comes days after 71-year-old Elvia Fragstein was abducted then killed and just hours after Conway Police squashed a rumor circulating on Facebook a Pine Bluff gang is targeting women in Faulkner County.

"There are those that are hurting, those that are grieving in our community, there are those the enemy wants to capitate in fear," says Paul Dehaan. 

"Our faith is what brings us through," says Fran Hichens. 

Fran Hichens is a member of the church and works in law enforcement. 

He says prayer is important when the crime committed leaves you without words.

"In times like these, you have these types of tragedies and these things occur in our lives even if we aren't directly involved or related, as in this case, it's very important to lean on your faith," says Fran Hichens. 

Through music and prayer Pastor Paul Dehaan hopes people find faith, even the 16 and 18-year-olds arrested in Elvia's murder. 

"Also, these two young men and their families. They need Jesus in their life. They need the love of God to touch their hearts and their families are also grieving," says Paul Dehaan.

The pastor tells me some people have expressed safety concerns to him. Police officers continue to provide extra patrols in shopping centers throughout the city. 

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