BENTON, Ark.– People in a Benton neighborhood are on high alert after a thief was caught on camera swiping a package right off a porch.

We talked to a woman who says she got a notification her Amazon package was delivered Friday afternoon, and when she got home it was gone.

“I bought this house two years ago, I’ve never had an issue with my packages being stolen,” explained Vanessa Lowe.

The thief was caught in the act on Lowe’s surveillance video taking her package of light bulbs from Amazon.

“That’s my stuff, I ordered that, I spent my money on it, it’s mine,” said Lowe.

Lowe says her Benton neighborhood is typically quiet and thinks the suspect was just driving around the area looking for packages out in the open.

“He walked to the door without a mask– like at this point you could use a mask and get away with it,” recalled Lowe.

Before the man took her package, he left a list tucked under the mat.

“Once I read the paper and I noticed it was bible scriptures I was like what is this, did he print these off?” questioned Lowe.

The sheet under the mat has multiple books of the bible typed out on neon green paper.

“I actually looked them up, but it was just kind of weird to me, I don’t know why he used it,” said Lowe.

Lowe hopes the thief will read up on verses about stealing and that her neighbors will keep an eye out for him.

“We all think our front doors are secure area in a decent neighborhood but it’s not always what it is,” said Lowe.

Police are reviewing the surveillance video and Lowe says Amazon plans to refund her order.